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Casual Gaming

November 28, 2011

I have some more thoughts on gaming for today.

There always seems to be this conflict between hardcore and casual gamers. More like a one sided conflict, though. I doubt the casual gamers care much because they are just playing for fun anyway. I would be the first to admit I’m a casual gamer even though I play “hardcore” games. Of course I’m looking for the best games and not repetitive games that casual gamers are generally associated with but I’m still just playing them for fun. I feel no urge to prove myself to be the very best at getting headshots or whatever.

In my childhood I had all the time in the world to play the same level over and over until I could beat it and never left any game uncompleted. Nowadays, if it is too difficult and annoying, it gets shelved forever most likely! I tried the original fallout recently and that didn’t work out. I also have less money lying around because of rent etc so cheap games on Steam has been a a great alternative to $60 games everywhere else. So if I review something it will most likely be cheap things from Steam with the occasional big one that I have to have like these Sky-something games right now. If I do review big AAA games it will probably be long after they are relevant to most gamers. Oh well!

For example, I am currently playing the original Portal for the first time. Yikes! Will finish that up after I’m done this post. Also playing LIMBO which I will be finished soon. That’ll be getting a positive review from me! Speaking of reviews, I won’t be using numbers but probably more of a like/love/hate vague kind of scale. Haven’t really done anything like this before so I’ll have to find out what works.


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