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Rewatching Beast Wars Season 1

December 3, 2011

Beast Wars was one of my favourite tv shows growing up which was recently rereleased by Shout! so naturally I bought it on Amazon and started watching it again. I’d been waiting for a cheap release because all the older ones were insanely expensive.

For those not in the know, Beast Wars is a transformers show but instead of the usual cars and stuff they turn in to animals! I have never really been interested in cars (I still have yet to get my license) but as a kid I certainly thought animals and dinosaurs and such were super neato. So naturally, this show was perfect for me. Here’s the opening in case you aren’t familiar with it:

So anyways, I dug up my old transformers toys from my Mom’s place and brought them home to display in all their glory (yay!)

the gang

low quality picture from my phone wooo

The first season has 26 episodes while 2&3 have 13 each. My brother and I are really looking forward to seasons 2&3 because the plot really takes off then but the first season has still been entertaining. We are not quite finished with 4 episodes left but I am far enough in for my um… review?

I can’t really tell you how much is nostalgia and how much is intrinsic value in this awesome show but I still love it. A lot of episodes in the first season are incredibly cheesy but I can’t help but love them anyways. Some examples include: an episode which spent the whole time building up to a fart joke (yes, with robots); an episode with a super silly superman parody at the end; an episode with a fight scene where everyone suddenly knew kung-fu for no reason at all; and many more. These episodes are slipped in between much more seriously plot episodes so there is a little bit of mood whiplash sometimes. These early episodes are also a bit strange with the robots sleeping and eating and such which doesn’t make much sense. I think that gets better later but I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

The series has a lot of hilarious ways around network swearing rules with such gems as “that guy’s got bearings of chrome steel!” and many more. There was one I burst out laughing at but alas, I forgot it. While these were probably used to get around swearing on children’s television, the best part is that it is far more accurate to have them swearing with machine parts instead.

The voice acting is excellent on this show. Everyone has such distinct and recognizable voices and memorable lines. My favourite from tonight was from Waspinator: “Waspinator has a headache in his whole body”. So very, very hilarious when said in his voice. Rattrap is probably my favourite character which is nice because he was my favourite back then too! I’m not going to tell you what those guys transform into because hopefully it is obvious. My other favourites are Megatron (oh yeeeees), Black Arachnia, and Inferno who are a t-rex, spider, and ant respectively. Interesting how I seem to like a lot of the bad guys better since my toys are all the good guys.

Oh, nostalgia, how I love you. I wonder if there any scientific studies on nostalgia? Why is it so great? I should look into that.

I am super pumped for the finale to season 1 and for the next two season which I will hopefully have time to watch over Christmas!

PS: After looking up the definition of “cheesy” I am sad to discover that it apparently has a severely negative connotation! I only mean it in the best possible way.


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