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The year ahead: 2012!

December 5, 2011

I just finished reading the Economist’s World in 2012 publication so I thought I’d share my thoughts.

For myself, 2012 has pretty good chances of being an excellent year. I’ll certainly step it up a notch on my job huntery and if that works out then I can finally get on with my life (huzzah!). Even if nothing works out with that I will continue to do all my favourite stuff, as usual. Maybe I’ll even get more work done on my novel. Or possibly start making some sort of comic on here? Loads of stuff to look forward to.

For the world at large, though, I’m quite a bit more pessimistic. The Euro zone is a mess and I wouldn’t be surprised if something blew up over there even before the end of the year not to mention any time during the coming year. European leaders are being far too complacent and are letting this disaster get out of hand. I can’t see it being resolved at the current rate of progress but obviously the Euro splitting would be terrible. It seems like it was a huge mistake to set it up in the first place. The Economist’s recommendations are to form the United States of Europe which would work in theory but it ain’t gonna happen (they admit this). It’s a political impossibility that would work in theory: Hooray!

I am also definitely not looking forward to the American election. I had high hopes for Obama but this presidency wasn’t much of a success. It’s a shame because he should have been the perfect fit. Congress is acting like a bunch of spoiled brats right now and what they need is compromise. Obama seems to be a compromiser at heart but Congress is being so useless that even he can’t get them to do anything. While I wouldn’t be ecstatic about another term for Obama, the alternative seems even worse. If a Republican becomes president and starts trying to deal with religious issues about abortion and gay marriage while the economy is in a pickle, I’m going to be pretty pissed off! I’m not American, but Canadian, so America does have a fairly strong impact on my country. Republicans take it too far by pushing their religion into politics even when it is in the friggin’ constitution to not do that. ARG. Any time that I am irritated by Canadian politics, all I have to do is look at the American ones and then I realize that I have it easy over here.

Those are the two big negatives for 2012. No, the world isn’t going to end. The Euro zone might, along with my faith in American politics (too late already for this one), but the world will be here to stay. And heck, if it does, we’re just on one insignificant planet anyways so no biggie. It should be fun seeing stupid headlines in the media, though.

I am excited for science! Will we find the Higgs boson? Will that neutrino fiasco get sorted out? Will fancy new meds come out for cancer or other illnesses? You never know! POW


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  1. 2012 will be very interesting, unless people think it’s going to end. THat could make it a tad bit scary…

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