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Bastion, a nifty review

December 7, 2011

The world has collapsed and you are one of the few left with only the narrator to keep you company. He always has something interesting to say whether you are slaying enemies, sipping some rum, or falling off a cliff. This is Bastion.

Shards of the old world rise to meet you as you walk around, all with gorgeous art. I quite enjoyed the weapon variety. Lots of guns and close range weapons to mix it up. The enemies had good design but were slightly limited.

But the sound is where Bastion truly shines! The narrator’s voice is marvelous and is present throughout the entire game. He never gets repetitive or boring in any fashion. This could have failed miserably if he kept saying the same things over and over but he never does. He generally had at least 2 or 3 things to say on the most inconsequential things and much more on common occurrences. If he would have started repeating himself, he doesn’t say anything instead.

In addition, the soundtrack is wonderful. I’ve been listening to it on the way to work for a while now. Best I’ve heard in a game in long time.

I thought I was done with this game but there were a couple choices at the end along with a new game plus to try. You can keep all your weapons and levels and try again. Normally this might be boring but you can easily amp up the difficulty in this game by worshipping the gods. I found that kind of funny. Those gods sure don’t make your life easy. But they reward your worship, at least! I think it will definitely be worth a replay.


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  1. You should include a picture!

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