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Countries with the fishes

December 7, 2011

So I was reading the Economist, as usual, but this week had their technology quarterly special. Yay!

One of the things featured was new to me, at least in the real world: Seasteading. This is what it would be called if a man-made country was contructed in the middle of the ocean. Pretty wacky stuff that I thought was completely in the realm of sci-fi except… people are actually researching how to do this!

The idea is that there is currently no (easy/peaceful) way to make a new sovereign state because all the land in the world is taken up. This would be a way to create new “land” to colonize and set up a whole new government. Imagine: a seastead full of people with similar beliefs and values as you! I guess that would lead to segregation, though. Hmmm…

This is still a ways off but it isn’t as sci-fi as it used to be. A lot of the problems with it are political. Coastal waters are calm and convenient but these are already claimed by various sovereign nations. Yet, A seastead too far out would be more difficult to access and would give occupants a bumpy life on the stormy seas. Another problem is that a seastead would be relying on the friendliness of nearby sovereigns. How would they defend themselves?

This was exciting to find out about because now I know that there are at least some rich people out there spending their money on crazy futuristic stuff. I wonder what other stuff like this people are researching?


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