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Rewatching Beast Wars: Seasons 2 & 3

January 14, 2012

Applying for work is frustrating so I figured I would blog about the good old days of childhood cartoons. Huzzah!

I nerded out about season one here.

I finished watching the show with my brother over the Christmas holidays and my review is slightly mixed. I was so certain that it got better past the first season and boy was I right! Season 2 was fabulous. All around great writing, well choreographed fight scenes, basically no filler: perfect. Where the first season had many, many silly episodes that stretched my willing suspension of disbelief sometimes, the second season had all kinds of neato plot stuff going on, great action, and a minimal of lame cartoon slapstick type scenes.

So it was a bit disappointing when we watched season 3 and it reverted back to the not-so-good writing, over the top slapstick, and such. Megatron developed a random love for quoting shakespeare (or at least shakespeare-sounding transformers stuff) which was a bit weird. It seems like it would fit his character but it was always a little awkward and out of place. Waspinator becomes severely flanderized. He gets ripped apart in every way possible. This was already a fairly major part of his character but he really becomes the universe’s punching bag in this  season: “Why universe hate Waspinator?” 😥

My brother and I were watching and waiting for the end because we knew that the ending at least was great! And it was. There was quite a solid build-up to it in the last 4-5 episodes of the season in fairly subtle ways. We remembered the gist of what happened and were getting worried when there weren’t too many episodes left but it was all fit in rather nicely, I do declare!

And I loved the last scene of the show being Waspinator happy at last. Yay!

And then Beast Machines kinda messed up a bunch of the characters and had a weird art style so I won’t be watching that!


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