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Sick of Time Travel

March 22, 2012

I used to love time travel and really, I still do. My friends joke that the only movies I ever make them watch are about time travel.

However, my girlfriend was playing FFXIII-2, which prominently features time travel, and it made me realize that I’m not willing to suspend my disbelief for it anymore! While the game in question does address how tangled and messed up time travel makes everything, I have a hard time taking it seriously, which is something that I feel Final Fantasy games strive for (but maybe I’m wrong).

Now, I realize that the science is probably more on a tentative “probably not” in regards to the possibility of time travel. It could be possible then, right? I guess so but… not how most media treats it. I guess it’s just one more trope that has been overused – big deal.

Time travel that I enjoy is used for comedy. Time Bandits and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure play it all for laughs and thus, no need to take it seriously! Then I can just enjoy the silliness. Time travel as a plot device for a serious show can make anything happen, essentially, which makes any last second switcheroo possible which is a bit lame.

I could probably still enjoy FFXIII-2 for the silly monster taming. The monsters really need more customization options, though. Only one item per monster and it is often hidden/small? Darn. Anyways, since the newer Final Fantasy games are slowly crossing the line into interactive movies rather than regular games, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to enjoy this one as much when the characters won’t stop pouting and angsting about the repercussions of time travel when really all I want to do is dress up my slime guy with a flower or, perhaps, a backpack. It’s just too bad this game decided to focus on time travel. It just happened to be the one thing that pushed me over the edge into an insane rage about the overuse of time travel. Well, not quite.

There’s nothing in particular wrong with FFXIII-2. I think I’m just sick of time travel in general in a serious setting. I’ve got other stuff to do right now so I doubt I’ll get around to playing it for a bit. Oh well!


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